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At the time of writing (July 2012) there is very little up to date published material concerning the site at Adel, however a new publication which examines both Adel and Newton Kyme is currently being prepared, with publication expected in a couple of years time. The existence of a fort has been suspected, or rather expected, for years, because of the known presence of a Roman ribbon settlement here, and its distance along RR72b, roughly midway between the fort at Ilkley and either Newton Kyme or Tadcaster.

Excavations carried out by Atkinson in 1913 in an enclosed area long known as Adel Camp were however inconclusive and so for almost a further century archaeologists were unsure that there ever was a fort at Adel. However, recent geophysics work by Bradford University has finally located the fort, and revealed barrack blocks and a ditch to the north of the road running through the fort. Pottery finds indicate possible occupation, not necessarily continuous, from the 1st to the 3rd centuries. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

A quick search on the internet (always a dangerous thing!) will reveal a host of references to “Burgodunum”, claiming this as the Roman name for Adel. In reality, this association has come from the appearance of Burgedurun in Domesday Book, somewhere near Adel (Adel itself appears as “Adele”). The place name possibly means “hill with a fortification”, but for 19th century antiquarians to be so quick to attribute this to the known Roman remains at Adel, simply because there is no other known fortification in the area, is a bit of a leap. To derive a supposed Roman name from this is an even bigger leap, and sadly the association is frequently perpetuated to this day. The best we can say for sure is that the Roman name for Adel is not yet known.

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