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Auckley Pottery Kilns

Quarrying for gravel at Blaxton Quarry in 1967 yielded many sherds of Roman coarse ware pottery, probably of third century date, some of which were obvious kiln wasters. Two updraught kilns were excavated in 1968 and a large quantity of waste pottery, all grey ware, was found. The vessels included lid-seated jars, cavetto-rimmed jars, deep bowls and lipless platters. A series of wooden stakes thought to be a revetment to prevent the kiln walls from collapsing were found in the base of one stokehole. It is known that at least four kilns had already been destroyed by quarrying prior to the investigation. The finds from the site are now in the Doncaster Museum.

Further kilns have been discovered SE of Mosham Farm (West Field) and at Blaxton Quarry (East Field) and by Mosham Rd.

The area to the east and south east of Doncaster was a major pottery manufacturing area in the Roman period, as evidenced by the massive number of known sites in and around the town (especially the Cantley estate). See also Blaxton, Cantley, Doncaster & Rossington Bridge. Click on the buttons below for details of the individual entry for this site in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan.

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Auckley Sand Pits Kiln

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SE of Mosham Farm Blaxton Quarry (East Field) Blaxton Quarry (Mosham Rd.)
The Doncaster Kiln Sites
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