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Red Hill, Aldborough.

There were a number of  mounds now ploughed out in Red Hill. Certain spots in the fields were parched and barren and were strewn with pottery. Two kilns mark the site of a Roman pottery at Red Hills. The arable fields comprising Red Hills show no surface scattering of pot sherds or other kiln debris, and an exact siting for these kilns was not established. The area probably derives its name from the abundance of red sand-stone in the soil.

Supposed Roman sarcophagi uncovered in 1846 in this area may in fact have been pottery kilns which had been later reused for burials. English Heritage

A second site at Red Graves has been recorded at SE40786615

Click on the button below for details of the individual entry for this site in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan .

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OS Grid Ref:  SE409661

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Boroughbridge Kiln (2)
Boroughbridge Kiln 1a Boroughbridge Kiln 1b Boroughbridge Kiln 1c Boroughbridge Pottery Boroughbridge Kilns 1 & 2