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In 2000 excavations took place of the site of a (probably Late Roman) villa at the southern extremity of a complex of prehistoric and Roman sites. The investigations identified a large building, probably a bath-house, with tessellated floors, a hypocaust and interior fresco. Finds included stone building material; quern stones; fragments of a small statue; ceramic building material; tesserae; lime-based material, including stucco and plaster with traces of pigment; Roman and medieval glass; iron, copper alloy and other metal items including a bow-brooch and five coins; Roman, medieval and post-medieval pottery; and clay pipe fragments.

A report on the excavation was published in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal vol. 75 (2003) pp15 - 56; “Roman Villa At Blansby Park, Pickering: Excavations At The Park Gate Roman Site In 2000” by L. Watts et al

Blansby Park
N. Yorkshire, ?

Visible Remains: None

Access: none