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This impressive site is sometimes described as a hillfort despite not being on a hill. Within the enclosure however, is a Roman Villa (nothing visible) dating from c120AD to late 3rd century. Excavations in 1866 revealed a detached building with two heated rooms and mosaics. Further foundations were revealed during road widening in 1929.  Some writers consider the defensive works to be contemporary with the villa, others regard them as earlier Iron Age work, hence the “hillfort” appelation.

The “fort” comprises a broad ditch with a narrower bank either side on three sides and is sub-rectangular in plan. Within the fort are the parchmarks of the Roman villa. several rectilinear rooms or buildings are visible along with other fragmentary linear features. Three circular features are also visible, one of which is complete.

A right of way cuts across the lower part of the site making it reasonably accessible.

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Visible Remains: Impressive large ditched enclosure

Access: Public footpath runs through lower part of site