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Originally the site of a Late Iron Age settlement which was adapted and developed during the Roman period. The buried remains of this Roman rural settlement is located 375 metres east of Chapel House Farm south of the River Tees and 500 metres north east of Dalton on Tees. It is a dispersed enclosed settlement within a sub rectangular enclosure ditched on three sides with a 35 metre scarp to the north. Evidence of two winged corridor villas was discovered at the centre of the enclosure and significant amounts of roof tiles, brick and painted wall plaster, animal remains and pottery were uncovered during excavation. A third complex of buildings was revealed in the south west corner of the enclosure along with significant concentrations of pottery, glass and slag. A well was also uncovered, capped with sandstone and containing debris including pottery, animal bone and fragments of roof tiles. Further features found include a leat, a polygonal feature of unknown function and a road crossing the settlement from east to west.

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Visible Remains: Western Ditch used as field boundary

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