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A late Roman signal station has long been suspected to have existed on Flamborough Head. The most likely location being the summit of Beacon Hill. Roman pottery has been recovered at various times from the hill (TA 26 NW 5 & 6) and about half a dozen large untrimmed boulders were recorded there by Rev J S Purvis as apparently arranged for the support of an old beacon. These stones have since been destroyed by quarrying, but may have been similar to those found at the Roman signal station at Filey. Some trial trenches were made by the Augustinian Society of Bridlington round Beacon Hill but with no result. The hill takes its name from the beacons, which stood there from the 16th century. There were three of them in 1588. They were repaired in 1755 and one beacon still stood in 1834, but by 1887 this had disappeared.

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