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Gazetteer of ROMAN  Yorkshire
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This section gives a brief description of every known  Roman site in Yorkshire, classified into six main categories Military, Settlements, Villas, Roads/Bridges, Industrial and Miscellaneous.  We have also included a few sites just outside the county, such as Binchester. We have included sites identified from aerial photography as highly likely, even though excavation may not yet have taken place.

The sixth category, “miscellaneous”, is a bit of a hotchpotch. It includes Shrines and Temples, and then mainly sites that are reputed to have Roman origins, but have had insufficient investigation to determine one way or the other. AIt also includes sites of known Roman origin, but whose purpose is unknown, again largely due to a lack of evidence.  Also included, as “fanciful” are sites that are frequently attributed to the Roman period, where the evidence has been shown to be spurious, mis-interpreted or just non-existent. Hopefully, this will help to dispel some of the persistent mythology surrounding sites such as Pompocali nr Leeds.

The distinction between a native site of the Roman period and a Roman site is often a blurred one; if we have omitted any site for this or any other reason which you feel should be included please let us know . Even Yorkshiremen are known to change their minds occasionally!