All known Roman sites in Yorkshire are arranged into categories. By pointing at the category button, drop down lists appear of the various sites. However, it is possible that the site you seek may not be categorised quite as you expect, due to to changes in interpretation of the evidence, or indeed uncertain interpretation. Also, some sites go under a variety of names making them difficult to find in the drop down lists. You may therefore wish to use the Site Search feature. Simply enter a search term, such as a placename, click “search”, and a page will appear listing all mentions of that search term on the website, with links to get you there. Once you click on a link, you will need to use your browser’s “back” button to get back to the search results page.

Most people however, prefer to use the interactive map. Activate the map by clicking it’s button. Hovering over the various site icons brings up their label - simply click on the icon to be taken to the site page. Once on a site page, if you need the map again simply click on the Interactive Map button.

Each Site page gives you a link to any closely related sites, such as nearby Roman roads, or vici next to forts. Links to useful external pages (on other websites) are also provided; these will open in a new browser window.