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Guidelines for work submitted for publication

We are more than happy to accept submissions of any work which might be considered suitable for publication either on this site, or in our bulletin ROMAN YORKSHIRE. You don’t need to be a professional archaeologist, historian, or classicist, however, we have laid down some basic criteria which must be adhered to. We’re sorry if we appear a bit strict, but in order to ensure the integrity of both the Section and its publications, we have to be certain that any work we associate ourselves with is accurate, thoroughly researched, well written, and most of all interesting! If after reading through the list you are confident that you can write something that you think complies with our guidelines, then please submit an outline to the Editor.

Articles or any work submitted for possible publication should follow the following guidelines.
We welcome submission of just about anything, so long as it  relates directly to the Roman occupation of Yorkshire, whether that be descriptions of finds, excavation reports, current research, anecdotal accounts of now lost discoveries etc etc..  In some rare circumstances, if deemed sufficiently relevant and of interest to our membership, we may accept work which has a more regional, national or even international coverage.
Work should be presented in electronic form, ideally as a Word (.doc) document. If this is a problem, we can accept hard copies which should be typed double space and printed single side, by arrangement.
Each submission must be accompanied by a cover sheet giving
A). manuscript title, the names, and institutional affiliations of all authors, and the address, phone number, and e-mail address of the author serving as primary contact for future correspondence
B). A statement confirming that the manuscript is original, not previously published, and not under consideration elsewhere. If the work has been published or is under consideration, please supply the details as we may still be able to use your work
Each submission should be correctly and thoroughly referenced including page numbers of all direct references. If you are able to use the current Harvard standard please do so.
We understand that the nature of submissions may vary considerably and consequently we have not set strict word count limits. That said, a piece should ideally not be less than 200 words and not more than 1000. Longer work may be accepted.
Bear in mind that this website and ROMAN YORKSHIRE are read by people with a wide range of backgrounds, not necessarily archaeological or academic. For this reason, please try to present your work as clearly and succinctly as possible, especially if including any statistical or technical data.
Illustration is especially important in electronic media. Photographs, drawings and illustrations should be clear but not overly fussy and of as professional a standard as possible. Please remember that they need to be able to be read on screens that may have a maximum resolution of 1000 pixels across. They should be submitted as TIFF or JPG files, of a minimum resolution of 800 x 800 pixels, ideally more. In rare circumstances if the work is deemed sufficiently important, it might be possible for the Editor (who happens to be a professional artist) to prepare illustrations or diagrams for you, but you’re going to have to ask him very very nicely!