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Many antiquarians, historians and archaeologists have speculated over the years about the possibility of a Roman fort in Hampsthwaite, based on the following reasoning. The distance from Ilkley to Aldborough along the Roman Road M720b is approximately 23 miles, seemingly too far for a day’s march. Based on that, and the fact that most forts in Yorkshire were spaced at a distance of between 11 and 16 miles (some considerably less), there ought to be a fort somewhere near the halfway point of 11.5 miles. If we also bear in mind that where possible, forts were located on or near major watercourses, in this case the R. Nidd, that would place a fort somewhere near Hampsthwaite. No Roman finds have been made in the vicinity, nor has anything been observed on either aerial photography or lidar.

However, recent re-assessment of the line of the Roman road suggests a Roman crossing point further downstream than previously anticipated, so perhaps the fort will eventually be found. After all, Adel was in a very similar position until recently, a fort being expected (especially because of the settlement) but only found by geophysics, thanks to Bradford University.

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