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An independent site sketching the history of the Romans in Britain.

The sites listed below are all those with a large amount of content relating to Roman Britain which have not been constructed on behalf of any recognised association or official body. These may be operated on a commercial basis and RAS is not responsible for  their content or any inaccuracies they may contain, nor by including them are we expressing any opinion as to how useful or not they might be!

Mike’s site contains several interesting Roman items, of which “From Trackway to Road, Corbridge, Roecliffe and the Case for Proto Dere Street” is of particular interest. Also has an account of the excavations at Chester-le-Street in 1990-1.
Does exactly what it says in the url! This American site is created by David Moore, an engineer rather than archaeologist, but is probably the only site on the net specialising in this fascinating subject.
A history of Britain, from its creation by rising sea levels at the end of the last ice age, to,
the product of William the Conqueror's great survey of his kingdom, the Domesday Book.
By Stephen J. Murray. Includes an excellent well sourced online account to the roman conquest
Almost always the first site to come up whenever you do a search for something in Roman Britain. The most comprehensive and informative Roman British site on the web, this is an excellent tool provided it is used with some caution.