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Whilst out of our area, we have included this site because of its importance as one of the most northerly known villas in the Roman empire. It was identified by aerial photography in the 1970s, and comprises a series of enclosures and droveways covering some 4 hectares. Today, the site is surrounded by a major housing development, although the developer had ensured that the winged main building, so far unexcavated, has remained preserved in situ.

The villa is one of the four most northerly known surviving villa sites in the Empire, and the site was probably chosen for its proximity to the River Tees. The enclosure system incorporated ditched boundaries enclosing all four sides of the central villa building. The villa complex has several phases, and comprises a winged main building, which remains unexcavated and preserved in situ, with other wooden structures, circular and rectangular buildings, stone paving, ditches, and pits and at least three stone buildings, including a circular building, aisled barn, and caldarium (heated room), which had been reused as a corn dryer/malting oven.

Despite its clear agricultural purpose, finds on the site suggest a connection between the occupiers and the Roman Military, leading to speculation that they might have been military representatives in some way, and that the site’s proximity to the River Tees gave it an ability to control trade.

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