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This is a list of books donated to the YAS library by RAS. They are available to borrow by all RAS members for a period of up to 3 months. A one off annual fee of £1 is payable.

43L7   (1944)  The Roman Army - Summer School at York
43L10   (2002)  All Vindolanda Excavation Reports 1997-2000  (CD)  
44E  Anderson, A.S., et al  (2001)  The RB small town of Wanborough Wiltshire,
42H48/42A43 Bidwell, P & Hodgson, N,  (2009),  The Roman army in northern England,  
44K4 Bidwell, P (ed.),  2003,  Understanding Hadrian's Wall,  
28H34  Birley, A & Black, J  (2007)  Vindolanda excavation, 2005-2006
44K20  Birley, A.  (1997)  Security: the keys & the locks.   
42B10  Birley, A.  (nd)  Garrison life at Vindalonda a band of brothers  
43L11   Birley, A. & Blake, J.  (2003)  Vindolanda Excavations 2001 & 2002  (CD)  
44K21  Birley, A. & Blake, J.  (2005)  Vindolanda Excavations 2003-2004  
44K22  Birley, B. & Greene, E.  (2006)  The Roman jewellery from Vindolanda  
42G45 Birley, R.,  (2009),  Vindolanda; a Roman frontier fort on Hadrian's Wall  
44K24/44K25 Breeze, D et al (eds.),  2009,  First Contact: Rome & Northern Britain,  
42H35  Breeze, D.  (2006)  Handbook for Hadrian’s Wall 14th edition
42H24  Breeze, D.  (2006)  The Antonine Wall  
42C41 Breeze, D., Jilek, S. & Thiel, A.,  (2008)  Frontiers of the Roman Empire,
44E  Cool, H,E,M,  (2004)  The Roman Cemetery at Brougham Cumbria
28H19  Cool, H.E.M. & Mason, D.J.P. (eds.)  (2008)  Roman Piercebridge: excavations by D.W. Harding & Peter Scott, 1969-1981
42H36  Cool, H.E.M.  (2006)  Eating & drinking in Roman Britain
34A15  Cosh, S.R. & Neal, D.S.  (2005)  Roman Mosaics of Britain, vol. I, Northern Britain  
34A15  Cosh, S.R. & Neal, D.S.  (2005)  Roman Mosaics of Britain, vol. II  
34A15  Cosh, S.R. & Neal, D.S.  (2005)  Roman Mosaics of Britain, vol. III South East Britain  
34A15  Cosh, S.R. & Neal, D.S.  (2005)  Roman Mosaics of Britain, vol. IV
42G42  Creighton, J.  (2006)  Britannia – the creation of a Roman province
41C2 Crummy, N.,  (1983)  The Roman small finds from excavations in Colchester, 1971-9.  
41C5 Crummy, N.,  (1987)  The coins from excavations in Colchester, 1971-9.  
41C6 Crummy, N.,  (1988)  The post-Roman small finds from excavation in Colchester, 1971-85.  
41C11 Crummy, N., P. Crummy & Crossan, C.,  (1993)  Excavations of Roman & later cemeteries, churches & monastic sites in Colchester, 1971-88.  
41C1 Crummy, P.,  (1981)  Aspects of Anglo-Saxon & Norman Colchester.  
41C3/4 Crummy, P.,  (1984)  Excavations at Lion Walk, Balkerne Lane & Middleborough, Colchester.  
41C7/8 Crummy, P.,  (1992)  Excavations at Culver Street, the Gilberd School, & other sites in Colchester, 1971-85.  
042G39 Davis H.,  (2002) Roads in Roman Britain
44K9 Dore, JN,  (2010)  Haltonchester - excavations directed by J P Gillam at the Roman Fort 1960-61,  
44E  Evans, E.  (2000)  The Caerleon Canabae, excavations in the civil settlement  
44E  Fulford, M. & Timby, J.  (2000)  Late Iron Age & Roman Silchester,  
44E Fulford, M., et al.  (2006)  Life & labour in late Roman Silchester.   
42B44  Graystone, P  (1996)  Walking Roman roads in the Fylde & the Ribble Valley
42C32 Graystone, P.,  (1994)  Walking Roman roads in East Cumbria,
PSBOX 117 Gregory, RA,  (2007)  Roman Manchester,  
044E36 Groenman-Van-Wateringe, W. et al. (eds.),  (1997) Roman frontier studies 1995,
59 H-L  Halkon, P  (2008)  Archaeology and environment in a changing East Yorks. Landscape. BAR 472
28H19 Harding, D W & Scott, P  (2008)  Roman Piercebridge, 1969-81
44E5  Hartley, E. et al (eds.)  (2006)  Constantine the Great : York’s Roman Emperor
41C13 Hawkes, C.F.C. & Crummy, P.,  (1995)  Camulodunum 2.  
59H-L  Higham, N.J. (ed.)  (2001)  Archaeology of the Roman Empire
42D2  Hodgson, N.,  (2009)  Hadrian’s Wall, 1999-2009,
44K7 Iles, P & Shotter, D,  (2009)  Lancaster's Roman cemeteries,  
41C15 Jackson, R.P.J. & Potter, T.W. (eds.),  (1996)  Excavations at Stonea, Cambridgeshire, 1980-85.  
44E  Keppie, L.  (1998)  Roman inscribed & sculptured stones in the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow  
43E Preh Box   Ladle, L.  (2004)  Pits, pots & people - Bestwall   
45H34  Lambert, J. et al  (1996)  Transect Through Time - – 9 – The archaeological landscape of the Shell NW Ethylene pipeline
44E  Leach, P. & Evans, C.J.  (2001)  Fosse Lane Shepton Mallett, 1990: excavation of a RB roadside settlement in Somerset
41C14 Luff, R.,  (1993)  Animal bones from excavations in Colchester, 1971-85.  
59H-L  MacMahon, A.  (2003)  The taberna structures of Roman Britain  
44E  Marvell, A.G. & Owen-John, H.S.  (1997)  Leucarum: excavations at the Roman auxillary fort at Loughor, W. Glamorgan, 1882-88  
42C9  Mattingley, D.  (2006)  An – 10 – imperial possession – Britain in the Roman Empire
043B12 Newby, M. and Painter K. (eds.),  (1991)  Roman glass: two centuries of art and invention,
043B12 Newby, M. and Painter K. (eds.),  (1991)  Roman glass: two centuries of art and invention,
42E Box 2   Ordnance Survey  (2000)  Roman Britain 5th ed.  
44C69  Philp, B.  (1973)  Excavations in West Kent
44C73  Philp, B.  (1981)  The excavations of the Roman forts of Classica Britannia at Dover
44C71  Philp, B.  (1984)  Excavations in the Darent Valley, Kent
44C70  Philp, B.  (1989)  The Roman house with Bacchiac murals at Dover
44C72  Philp, B.  (1996)  The Roman villa site at Orpington, Kent
44C74  Philp, B. (1999)  The Roman villa site at Keston, Kent second report
44E  Rahtz, P et al  (2000)  Cannington Cemetery, excavations 1962-3  
44E 14  Robertson, A.S.  (2000)  An inventory of Romano-British coin hoards  
44K2/3 Rushworth, A,  (2009)  Housesteads Roman Fort - the grandest stations (2 vols),  
043B20 Snape, M. and Bidwell, P.,  (2002)  The Roman fort at Newcastle upon Tyne,
43L10   Vindolanda  (2002)  Research Reports volume IV Fascicules I - IV  
59H-L  Warry, P.  (2006)  Tegulae: manufacture, typology and use in Roman Britain. BAR 417
80H9  Wigglesworth, G. (Ed.),  (2008)  The recollections of the childhood (1928-1942) of Malcolm Clegg,
44K26 Wilmott, T editor,  (2009)   Hadrian's Wall Archaeological Research by English Heritage 1976-2000,  
59H-L  Wilmott, T.,  (2009)  Roman Amphitheatres & Spectacular: a 21st century perspective.,
42E BOX3 Wilson, P,  (2009)  Lullingstone Roman Villa,  
42C15  Wilson, R.J.A.  (2006)  Romanitas – essays on Roman archaeology in honour of Sheppard Frere