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Roman pottery had been found up to 1931-2 on the east side of a clay pit at the Brick and Tile Works Cawood. Excavations in Sept. 1933 revealed parts of two ditches 10' wide and 4' deep, lying almost at right angles containing 18" of dark silt in which occurred fragments of bone, pottery and roofing tiles. Pottery from this site included a little Samian and much Coarse Ware (mainly 3rd - 4th Cent) a waster was also found, but no evidence of a pottery kiln. Also a portion of a quern stone. The finds indicate the site to have been a Roman settlement, dating from the Severus until the end of the Roman occupation, although the site is listed as a villa.  

The site is now destroyed

Possible Villa or Settlement
N. Yorkshire, SE 566384
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