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The remains of a temporary camp of Roman date, situated at the highest point of the Stainmore Pass. The camp is also situated astride the main Roman road from York to Carlisle which, locally, linked the forts of Brough and Bowes. The Roman camp, which is roughly rectangular in shape, encloses an area og 8.1ha. It has maximum dimensions of 296 metres east to west by 144 metres north to south with a substantial rampart and external ditch. The rampart stands to a maximum height of 1.8 metres at the centre of the south side and is a maximum of 11 metres wide at its base. On the north side, the rampart is intermittent and, where visible, less substantial than elsewhere; it has been suggested that the north side of the camp was thought to have been sufficiently protected by an extensive boggy area. Slight traces of an external ditch 0.4 metres deep are visible along the north side of the camp. Excavation at the monument in 1990 prior to road widening confirmed the existence of an outer ditch on the east and west sides of the camp. There are now nine gates visible through the ramparts of the camp; three through the north side and two through each of the other three sides. The camp is thought to have been constructed during the first century AD. Use of the camp continued after its construction period as late third and fourth century pottery was found during excavation of the camp. Within the south western part of the interior of the camp, a square mound measuring 15 metres across and standing to a maximum height of 0.8 metres high, is interpreted as a later Roman signal station. Scheduled.

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Temporary Camp
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